After 600 days, a Karnataka man detained in Saudi Arabia for a Facebook post returns home

Harish Bangera, 34, an air-conditioning technician, was reunited with his family on Wednesday after spending up to 600 days in a Saudi prison for a blasphemous Facebook post he did not make.

On December 22, 2019, Harish was detained for making blasphemous remarks about Mecca and using insulting language about Saudi King Salman on Facebook.

However, the Karnataka police who investigated the matter discovered that the insulting remarks were uploaded by two people in the Udupi area using a bogus Facebook ID in the victim’s name.

In October 2020, the defendants, Abdul Huyez and Abdul Thuyez, were apprehended by police. Bangera’s family presented the investigative papers to Saudi authorities, and he was eventually released from Saudi custody.

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