Pranitha, a Bhuj actress, has gone viral with her post about Afghanistan

Pranitha Subhash, a multi-lingual actress from Karnataka, has mocked apologists in the aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, and her post has gone viral on social media.

Pranitha, a well-known South Indian actress from Bhuj, has stated “Apologists in India are using the term “Hindu terror” to justify what is happening in Afghanistan. Attempts to legitimise the concept will be a mirage in their minds. Beware, enemies are not only present beyond our borders, but also all around you “She made a post on her social media.

Pranitha went on to say in another post that reports of young girls being raped and enslaved by the Taliban in Afghanistan are horrifying. “What was the point of ISAF’s two-decade presence if it didn’t protect the most vulnerable? Our prayers are with the Afghan people for their safety “She continued.
The posts went viral, and people praised the actress for being brave enough to comment on such a sensitive subject. Pranitha is active in both philanthropy and social activism.

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