Salima Mazari, a female Afghan governor who fought the Taliban in Balkh Province, was apprehended

KABUL: A video showing the Taliban capturing Salima Mazari, one of the few female district governors in Afghanistan who had once fought against the oppressive militia in Afghanistan’s Balkh province, was released shortly after the Taliban promised peace and respect for women in accordance with Sharia tradition.

Salima Mazari’s supporters believe the Taliban will soon execute her in order to send a message to anyone who seeks to offer any form of resistance to the organization. However, there has been no official information on her current status as of yet.

At a time when prominent Afghan politicians, including President Ashraf Ghani, were fleeing the nation for fear of Taliban persecution, Salima Mazari decided to stay in the Balkh province until the Taliban conquered her district of Chahar Kint.

According to regional sources, Salima Mazari was apprehended after the insurgents gradually took control of the entire country.

Salima Mazari was appointed as one of Afghanistan’s three female governors a few years ago. Until her imprisonment by the Taliban, she battled valiantly to keep the Taliban out of the Chahar Kint region of Balkh Province.

Salima Mazari, a prominent female personality in the Balkh region, secured the surrender of over 100 Taliban fighters in her province in 2020.

Who is Salima Mazari?

Salima Majri, an Afghan immigrant, was born in Iran in 1980 as a refugee after her family left during the Soviet conflict. She was born and raised in Iran.

Salima Mazari decided to leave her parents and return to Afghanistan after graduating from Tehran University. Prior to that, she held numerous positions in a number of institutions and international organizations.

In 2018, she learned of a vacancy for the position of Governor of Chahar Kint District. She applied for the position because it was her ancestral home, and she eventually became the Governor of the Chahar Kint District.

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