Signs that your man does not envision a future with you

In an ideal world, we would all meet someone, fall in love with them, marry, and spend the rest of our lives with them. However, that is not the case for the vast majority of us. The path to love is both beautiful and arduous. Many people do not meet the love of their life right away, and it is only after many trials and tribulations that they are able to do so. As a result, we must exercise caution because the safety of our hearts is entirely in our own hands. Here are some red flags that your partner doesn’t envision a future with you.

He won’t introduce you to his family

Despite the fact that you’ve been going out for over a year, he’s intentionally keeping you away from them. They live in the same city, yet every time you ask him to introduce you to his parents, he always has an excuse. It should be emphasized that if a guy does not envisage a future with you, there is no purpose for him to present you to his family.

​He never makes concrete plans

It is an unfortunate reality that if he does not envision a future with you, he will not treat you as if there is one. This implies that you never go on romantic pre-planned dates or weekend trips. Because he is waiting for someone else to enter his life, he frequently keeps dates and times vague with you.

It’s only about sex for him

If he doesn’t envision a future with you, he’s only with you to continue having sex. If he is genuine about you, he will treat you as a special and valued person, rather than as someone whose primary function is to meet his sexual desires.

He won’t meet your friends

He believes that it is advisable to avoid meeting the people in your life. They are aware that what they are doing is bad on some level. That is why they avoid meeting people who are interested in you.

He only talks in hypotheticals

If you try to discuss the future with him, he will make a joke about it. He will not take your inquiries about the future seriously and will continue to divert them until you are bored of talking about it.

He keeps his status set to single

If you looked at his social media, no one would know he was associated with you. There’s no trace of you on any of his social media accounts. There are no images or postings over there that mention or even hint that you exist in his life.

He is mysterious about his life

He is not just evasive about what he wants from your relationship; he is also evasive about his personal life in general. While this may appear appealing at first, you will begin to perceive it as a sign that he is not investing in the relationship since he is keeping himself locked up. That is hardly the behaviour of a man who wishes to create a future with you.

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