You’re a woman, go home: Afghan female anchor recounts Taliban atrocities; watch video

New Delhi: Women in Kabul have been protesting outside the presidential palace since Wednesday, demanding that their rights be protected after the Taliban assumed control of the country. Women in Afghanistan are living in a nightmare, unable to find their voice since Afghan President Ashraf Ghani abandoned the nation, leaving the country in the hands of the Taliban.

And, while the Taliban claimed to protect Afghan women’s rights, only under Sharia Law, the women have a very different story to tell.

Shabnam Dawran, an Afghan female anchor for RTA Pashto, was denied access to her office, alleging regime change as the reason. Dawn attempted to enter her office during her regular shift hours while also carrying her ID badge. She was not, however, permitted to enter the office. “I went to RTA, but they said the regime had changed. You are not permitted; please return home “in a video, she stated

Her video exposed the reality behind the Taliban’s lies. The gang has stated that in this new term of their leadership in the country, they will grant more freedom to women. This time, the Taliban claims that it will enable women to travel to the market without a male escort, study, work, or display their ankles.

However, the country’s women have revealed a different reality. Shabnam Dawran’s film demonstrates that reality differs greatly from what the Taliban portrays to the world. This movie also reminded the globe of the Taliban’s authority in Afghanistan prior to 2001.

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