After a passport check, 150 Indians were released by the Taliban and will return to India soon

According to Afghan media, as many as 150 Indian citizens who were allegedly ‘abducted’ have now been released after a passport check and are on their way back to Kabul airport.

The Taliban kidnapped several people, including 150 Indians, for ‘questioning.’ They were reportedly awaiting evacuation from the war-torn country, but they are now in Kabul airport and will be airlifted out of Afghanistan shortly.

Previously, news reports claimed that the Taliban had kidnapped a number of people, including 150 Indians. The Taliban had vehemently denied the claim.

Meanwhile, approximately 85 Indian nationals were evacuated from Kabul on Saturday by an Indian Air Force transport military aircraft. After evacuating the Indians, the aircraft landed in Tajikistan’s Dushanbe and is scheduled to arrive at the Hindon airbase near Delhi in the evening.

Although India’s embassy staff has been evacuated, it is estimated that around 1,000 citizens remain in several cities in Afghanistan, and determining their location and condition is proving difficult, according to a Home Ministry official.

Notably, 200 people have already been evacuated in two IAF C-17 heavy-lift transport aircraft, including the Indian envoy and other embassy staffers in Kabul.

Indian nationals have been asked to contact the MEA’s Special Afghanistan Cell at +91-11-49016783, +91-11-49016784, +91-11-49016785, or WhatsApp: +91 80106 11290, or email: [email protected]

The situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated since the Taliban took control of Kabul, and the United States has announced the withdrawal of its troops after nearly two decades.

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