Thiruvonam special ada

Ada, or steamed rice patties, is a traditional dish served in temples on the day of Thiruvonam as part of special rituals. Sweet and tasty ada with a coconut-jaggery filling is typically cooked at home as an offering for Thrikkakarayappan’s idol. On Thiruvonam, a grand platter of ada, pazham nurukku (caramelised banana), papad, and upperi (banana chips) is traditionally served for breakfast. Check out this simple thiruvona ada recipe.

500 gms unakkalari (raw rice with bran)
500 gms jaggery
2 coconuts (grated)
1 banana
2 tbsp ghee
1 tsp sugar
20 plantain leaves (1 foot each)

Soak the rice for at least 4 – 5 hours before cooking.
In the mixer jar, grind the soaked rice without adding too much water.
Melt the jaggery in some water over low heat to make jaggery syrup.
When the jaggery syrup starts to bubble, stir in the grated coconut and banana chunks.
Combine thoroughly.
Cook until the coconut water has been reduced.
Now, add a teaspoon of ghee.
Turn off the heat and thoroughly combine the ingredients.
In the rice dough, combine 1 tbsp ghee and 1 tbsp sugar (this makes the ada softer)
Run the plantain leaves over a flame to soften them.
Scoop some dough and shape it into a thin patty on a plantain leaf.
Place the jaggery – coconut filling on one side of the pan.
Fold the leaf in half.
Cook the leaf packets for 20–25 minutes in a regular idli steamer.

Thiruvonam special ada is ready.

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