Use these four words to express your rage in text

Some of us are not very skilled at expressing our anger. When we are angry, we prefer to withdraw rather than shout or express our displeasure openly. This could be due to an introverted personality or a desire to avoid negativity. However, when it comes to expressing our rage via text, things take a different turn.

It’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to expressing one’s rage via text. Because the other person cannot read your body language or see your facial expressions, it can be difficult to express yourself over text. So, here are some simple messages you can send to someone when you want to express your rage without being rude!



This is unquestionably the go-to response when you want to express your dissatisfaction with something without being overly obvious or rude!



“Fine” is another commonly used term. Send this to someone if you want to express your aversion to something in a subtle way.

Use capital letters.


This is for those who don’t want to play mind games and prefer to express their rage in a straightforward and direct manner. Type in capital letters to express your displeasure with them.

After a long period of time, respond with brief responses.


Instead of responding with a single word or typing in capital letters. Another effective way to express your dissatisfaction is to respond to someone after a long period of time, but with a brief response.

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