According to study statistics, K-Beauty regimes rule India

While Bangalore and Delhi have the largest metro sales, Guwahati and Lucknow have the highest tier 2 sales. Face care is now the most popular category (80%), followed by hair care and bath and body.
According to some surprising data released by a beauty business, aging and brightness have risen to the top of Indian women’s concerns.
Females’ average order value is INR 900 (multiple products), while males’ average order value is INR 700. (single product).

Pilgrim, a homegrown beauty and personal care business that claims to make transnational beauty experiences accessible and affordable, gave interesting insights into India’s appreciation of foreign beauty regimes. In the last nine months, the company’s sales have increased by a factor of two. The K-Beauty line has produced the most sales, followed by the French Beauty line. Surprisingly, 30 percent of these sales were generated solely in North East India, with Guwahati topping the pack. Bangalore and Delhi had the highest sales in metros.

The data also shows that the ‘face care’ category had the biggest demand for global beauty goods, accounting for 80% of total sales. These groups’ top concerns were aging and brightness. The average order value for these worldwide beauty goods was INR 900, with 70% of women purchasing them. This figure was INR 700 for men who bought one product at a time against INR 700 for women who bought numerous things at once.

Gagandeep Makker, Co-Founder & COO of Pilgrim, commented on the trends, saying, “There is a heightened interest towards beauty and personal care in Indian millennials.” They want to learn about and try out global beauty regimes from the comfort of their own homes. As a result, demand for K-Beauty products has increased since we began operations. In reality, from May 2020, we have seen an ARR of INR 18 crores. However, there is a need for borderless beauty experiences from around the world, in order to test out different regimes. This is not just a metro phenomenon; it is equally prevalent in smaller cities.”So, as a D2C brand, we are driven to empower modern millennials with global and affordable beauty rituals at the click of a button.”

According to the research, women primarily purchased night serums, night gel creams, and face creams. Males, on the other hand, favored facial washes, masks, hair serums, and sulfate-free shampoos. These global beauty products were most popular among people aged 25 to 50, accounting for half of Pilgrim’s income. Pilgrim just received INR 13 crores in Series A investment. Fireside Ventures, Rukam Capital, and the founding teams of Boat, NoBroker, and the founder-CEO of led the investment, with Dexter Capital serving as the transaction advisor.

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