All registered Malayalis rescued from Afghanistan: MEA

On Sunday, the Union Government announced that all Malayalis who had registered to return to India had been evacuated from Afghanistan.

However, Norka Vice Chairman K Varadarajan stated that “all Malayalis” in Afghanistan have not returned. We’ll talk to the MEA and see if anyone is still stuck in Afghanistan, he said.

A special flight of the Indian Air Force brought around 30 Keralites to New Delhi.

India’s rescue mission brought 220 Indians in two separate flights.

The MEA stated that they are gathering data on all Indians in Afghanistan and are working to bring them home safely.

In Kabul, seven people are killed.

Another seven Afghan civilians were killed in crowds around Kabul’s international airport on Sunday, according to the British military, demonstrating the danger still posed to those attempting to flee the Taliban’s takeover of the country.
The deaths occur as a result of a new, perceived threat from an Islamic State group affiliate in Afghanistan, which has resulted in US military planes performing rapid, diving combat landings at the airport, which is surrounded by Taliban fighters. Other planes have fired flares during takeoff in an attempt to confuse potential heat-seeking missiles aimed at the planes.

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