Everything is over, says an Afghan Sikh MP rescued by India from Kabul

On Sunday, an Indian Air Force C-17 transport plane flew down 168 passengers, including 107 Indian nationals, from Kabul. The plane touched down at the Hindon Indian Air Force facility near Ghaziabad.

Narinder Singh Khalsa, an Afghan Sikh MP, was also among those who arrived.

An emotional Narinder congratulated the Narendra Modi administration and Indian officials who had been in constant contact with him and other members of the Afghan Sikh community during the previous five days upon his arrival.

According to the Afghan MP, there are perhaps 200 more community members still stranded in Afghanistan.

“Over 5000 Taliban fighters protect the Kabul airport entrance. Yesterday, Taliban gunmen stopped our vehicle near the airport. Later, their officers forced us to return to the Gurdwara. We were all terrified, especially our Indian brothers, because it is impossible to tell who is a good person and who is not right now. We attempted to return to the airport around 8 p.m. This time, we were able to enter through the VIP gate “Narinder remarked while speaking to reporters at Hindon Air Base.

According to the Afghan MP, the Taliban wanted Afghan nationals to stay and assured them of their safety. However, Narinder stated that the choice was difficult to reconcile given the country’s “thousands different versions” of the Taliban.

He inquired as to who you spoke with.

When asked how he felt about leaving his nation, the MP sobbed.

He stated, “For decades, we have lived in Afghanistan. You are aware of the current state of affairs. Even the government, which had been present for 20 years, has left. Everything has ended. It is nil.”

Prior to his evacuation from Kabul, Narinder, whose father Avtar Singh was killed in a 2018 terror assault in Jalalabad, released a video statement thanking the Indian government and the Indian Air Force for rescuing him and other members of the Afghan Sikh community.

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