Shocking: T-shirts mocking the tragic fall of Afghans from US planes go on sale online, igniting internet rage

Images of a t-shirt mocking the Afghan boys who died after falling from a US Air Force jet while attempting to flee Afghanistan have gone viral on social media.

The insensitive printed tees feature a photo of a US military plane and two people falling from it, with the caption, ‘Kabul Skydiving Club Est. 2021.’ The images have since gone viral on the internet, with netizens criticising the club for the ‘disgusting’ print.

“Some human beings truly are sick, and should be openly regarded and declared as such,” one user wrote.

“Why do I bet we won’t be surprised by the people hawking this crap?” another user wrote reacting to the photo.

These insensitive t-shirts are available for 12 Euros (Rs 1050) on a variety of online retailers, including Tee4Sport and TShirtAtLowPrice.

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