Angelina Jolie takes over Instagram with her first post, which features an Afghan girl’s letter

Angelina Jolie is officially on Instagram, and she’s there for a good reason.

Two days ago, the Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees released a letter she received from an Afghan adolescent.

She stated in the letter that she had decided to share the stories and voices of Afghans battling for basic human rights in the face of Taliban authority over their country.

Recalling her encounter with Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban at the Afghan border twenty years ago, the 46-year-old actress said it was disgusting to see Afghans displaced once more.

Afghanistan is seized by fear and uncertainty, she claims.

She stated that it was impossible to comprehend how the situation in Afghanistan could have deteriorated to this point despite so much time and money being invested in the country’s future.


Angelina stated that she “would not turn away” after witnessing Afghan refugees being viewed as a burden for decades and understanding how much the Afghan people could do if given the right tools and respect.

I’ll keep looking for ways to help, she stated, hoping that others will join her in this endeavor.

The young Afghan girl, whose identity was protected in the letter Angelina released, stated that, contrary to popular belief, the Taliban have not changed.

She mentioned how, prior to the Taliban marching into Kabul, she and others like her enjoyed rights. But she suddenly believes that all of her dreams have vanished.

Angelina Jolie’s stunning Instagram debut

Angelina’s amazing Instagram debut resulted in her gaining millions of followers in a matter of hours.

She has over 7.2 million followers in less than 24 hours.

In the process, she broke Jennifer Aniston’s record for the fastest launch on the photo-sharing app.


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