On the evacuation effort in Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden believes there is no way to avoid sorrow and loss

New Delhi: US President Joe Biden spoke on the evacuation effort in Afghanistan on Sunday (August 22, 2021), saying that there is no way to evacuate people without causing suffering and loss. Biden stated that the evacuation of thousands of Afghans from Kabul would be difficult and traumatic regardless of when it occurred.

“There is no way to evacuate this many people without causing agony and loss, as evidenced by the tragic sights seen on television. It’s simply a fact. My heart goes out to those people you see “he stated during a briefing on the Afghan situation idea¬†stated that his government is working as hard and as quickly as possible to get individuals out.
“That is our goal. That is our intention. And our resolve to return every American citizen home and evacuate our Afghan allies is unshakable “He stated.

Nearly 28,000 people were evacuated.
Since August 14, over 28,000 individuals have been evacuated aboard US and coalition planes, including civilian charters, according to Biden. He stated that the total number of people evacuated since July has now reached roughly 33,000. “In total, we evacuated nearly 11,000 people from Kabul in less than 36 hours. It’s a fantastic operation “He stated.

According to the US President, the security landscape in Afghanistan is rapidly changing. “The airport is still congested with people, despite the fact that we have cleared thousands of them. We know that terrorists may try to take advantage of this scenario by targeting innocent Afghans or American forces “He stated.

He also stated that the US is keeping a constant vigil to detect and disrupt threats from any source, including the most likely source, ISIS-K.

As I stated on Friday, ISIS-K is a sworn opponent of the Taliban, and the two have a history of fighting. But every day, we have forces on the ground, and these troops, as well as innocent civilians at the airport, face the prospect of an attack from ISIS-K from afar, despite the fact that we’re drawing the perimeter back dramatically,” Biden added.

The deadline for evacuation operations on August 31 is likely to be extended.
When queried about the fact that the evacuation operations are nine days away from the August 31 deadline, the US President stated that talks are being held between them and the military about extending the deadline. “Our expectation is that we will not need to prolong, but I suspect there will be debates about how far along we are in the process,” he said.

Joe Biden will meet with G7 leaders.
On August 24, US President Joe Biden will have a virtual meeting with G7 leaders to discuss Afghanistan strategy and the evacuation process. They will also talk about initiatives to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to Afghan refugees.

It should be emphasised that the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, on August 15, sending citizens and Afghan military allies fleeing for safety. Many now fear a return to the harsh interpretation of Islamic law imposed during the previous Taliban reign, which ended 20 years ago after US soldiers arrived.

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