A CISF officer who stopped Salman Khan at Mumbai Airport has been recognised for his outstanding professionalism

Contrary to allegations that the CISF officer who stopped actor Salman Khan for a security check at Mumbai airport was in trouble, the CISF’s official Twitter page has since confirmed that the member was awarded for excellent performance.
In response to a media story, the CISF tweeted, “This tweet’s content is inaccurate and lacks factual support. In fact, the officer in question has been appropriately honored for exceptional professionalism in the performance of his duties. @PIBHomeAffairs.”

Earlier, there were rumors in the media that the CISF officer in issue had been disciplined for violating protocol by speaking to media outlets about Salman’s incident. According to reports, the organization has taken his phone in order to ensure that he does not speak to the media about this incident in the future. However, the CISF has since dismissed these reports, calling them “incorrect and devoid of factual basis.”

Last week, a video leaked on social media showing a CISF officer standing in front of Salman and motioning for him to go through the security checkpoint before entering the airport terminal. The actor was on his way to Russia to continue filming for his next flick Tiger 3. The video quickly went viral on social media, and netizens praised the CISF officer for doing his job.

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