In five districts, there is a shortage of ICUs and ventilators in government hospitals

Kozhikode: As the number of Covid cases in the state continues to rise uncontrollably, there are concerns about the medical facilities available for the treatment of Covid patients in critical condition. In government hospitals, there is a shortage of ICUs and ventilators for Covid patients. In six districts, there are only about ten beds available.

According to reports on the Covid Alert Portal, there are no ICUs or ventilators available in the Kollam district’s hospitals. There are 62 ventilators and 94 ICUs that are completely occupied.

In Thrissur’s government hospitals, there are only 5 ICU beds and one ventilator. There are only three ICU beds left in government hospitals in Idukki, four in Kasargod, seven in Kottayam, and nine in Malappuram.

The situation in Ernakulam, the district with the most patients, is also dire. The previous day alone, 4048 people tested positive in the district. In Ernakulam’s government hospitals, there are only 18 ICU beds and 10 ventilators.

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