MK Muneer, a Muslim League MLA, has received a death threat as a result of an anti-Taliban post

MK Muneer, MLA from Kozhikode, has stated that he received a threat email for posting about the Taliban on Facebook.

The leader of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has complained to the chief minister and the state police chief, and a copy of the unattributed letter has been handed over.

The letter threatened Muneer and his family with harm if he did not withdraw his post against the Taliban within 24 hours.

Muneer is warned in the letter not to invite the fate of ‘Joseph mash,’ referring to the infamous hand-chop incident in 2010 involving TJ Joseph, a professor at Newman College, Thodupzha.

Members of the Popular Front of India severed Joseph’s hand at the wrist, claiming that a questionnaire set by the professor was blasphemous.

According to the letter posted in Thiruvananthapuram, Muneer is anti-Muslim and a supporter of the RSS. It concludes by proclaiming the Taliban to be a marvel.

Muneer had written that the Taliban was a pernicious philosophy that shattered human bonds and that it had to be opposed. Muneer stated that he will not change a single word of his post.

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