New drone laws will benefit entrepreneurs, encourage innovation, and business, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s new Drone Rules, 2021 on Thursday (August 26), saying they will benefit startups and enhance innovation and business.

He claimed that the regulations lower compliance obligations and access hurdles.

The new Drone Rules signify a watershed point in India’s drone industry. The rules are predicated on trust and self-certification. Approvals, compliance processes, and access hurdles have all been greatly reduced,” Modi tweeted.

“The new Drone Rules will be extremely beneficial to start-ups and our youth operating in this sector.” It will open up new avenues for business and creativity. It will contribute to using India’s capabilities in innovation, technology, and engineering in order to make India a drone hub,” he added.
The Civil Aviation Ministry approved new rules to replace the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rules 2021, which went into effect on March 12 of this year.

According to the government, the guidelines have eliminated the need for different clearances, such as a certificate of conformity, a certificate of maintenance, import clearance, acceptance of existing drones, operator permits, authorization of R&D organizations, and a student remote pilot licence.

Drones would now be required to have identifying numbers unless exempted. According to the announcement, a unique identification number for the drone can be generated by submitting the necessary details on the digital sky platform.

The government has decreased the charge for operating a drone to minimum levels under the Drone Rules 2021, and it is no longer tied to the size of the drone. Drone capacity has been increased from 300 kg to 500 kg in order to accommodate heavy payload-carrying drones and drone taxis.

The Centre announced its decision to develop new drone guidelines on July 15 and solicited feedback from stakeholders and the sector until August 5. The new laws are simpler, and they minimize the compliance burden associated with operating a drone in India.

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