On COVID-19, YouTube eliminates 1 million videos containing ‘dangerous disinformation’

New Delhi, India Since February 2020, Google-owned YouTube has erased 1 million videos relating to harmful COVID-19 misinformation, such as fake cures or hoax claims.
According to YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, focusing solely on what we remove misses out on the vast amount of video that people really see.

“Bad content constitutes only a tiny percentage of YouTube’s billions of videos (about.16-.18 percent of total views turn out to be content that violates our regulations,” he said in a blog post on Wednesday.

“Misinformation has spread from the margins to the center of society. It is no longer confined to the closed-off realms of Holocaust deniers or 9-11 truthers; it now pervades every aspect of life, often racing through towns at breakneck speed “He made a point of emphasizing.

Mohan went on to say that YouTube eliminates about 10 million videos per quarter, “the vast majority of which do not even exceed 10 views.” “We know that quick removals will always be vital, but we also know that they are not nearly adequate. Instead, it is how we treat all of the content we leave on YouTube that provides us with the best road ahead “He stated.

YouTube is increasing the availability of information from reliable sources while decreasing the circulation of videos containing harmful disinformation. “To track the evidence as it evolves for COVID-19, we rely on expert consensus from health organizations such as the CDC and WHO. In most other circumstances, misinformation is more ambiguous “Mohan stated.

Videos that contradict professional agreement on vaccines from health authorities or the World Health Organization, according to YouTube standards, violate the vaccine policy (WHO).

Other sites, including as Facebook and Twitter, have implemented regulations to limit the dissemination and reach of such content.


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