‘Did not follow mandates’: The Film Chamber rejects an application for the film name ‘Eesho’

Kochi: ‘Eesho,’ an upcoming film by director Nadarisha that sparked social media backlash from a subset of socio-religious fundamentalists, has hit another stumbling block. The Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce has rejected the producer’s application for the film name ‘Eesho.’

Certain mandates were not followed, according to the chamber, when the application was filed. The name had not been registered prior to the announcement, and the producer had not renewed his membership in the forum, according to reports. It has been learned that, even though the application was denied, there will be no difficulty in releasing the film through OTT platforms.

Previously, the Kerala High Court dismissed a petition filed by a Christian organisation called Christian Association For Social Action opposing the certification of the film titled ‘Eesho.’

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