Will Yahoo Mail be affected by the shutdown of news, cricket, and entertainment websites in India, or will the email address change?

Yahoo has announced the closure of its Indian news websites, which include Yahoo News, Yahoo Cricket, Finance, Entertainment, and MAKERS India.

Yahoo stated in the FAQ section that the business has ceased publishing material in India and has shut down its content activities in the nation as of August 26, 2021. “This was not an easy decision for us to make. Yahoo India, on the other hand, has been harmed by changes in Indian regulatory laws that now ban foreign ownership of media organizations that operate and publish digital content in India.” Yahoo has a long history with India, and we’re really proud of the premium, local content we’ve delivered our readers here for the last 20 years,” the company stated. According to the new FDI legislation, which will go into effect in October, digital media businesses in India can take up to 26% foreign investment, subject to permission from the central government.

Will this change affect my Yahoo Mail account as well?
Yahoo stated that this finding has no bearing on its products Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Search. Yahoo also stated that it will continue to service users in India in the same manner as previously.

“Yahoo India will cease publishing material on August 26th, 2021. Your Yahoo Account, Mail, and Search experiences will be unaffected and will continue to function normally. We appreciate your patronage and readership “According to a notice on the Yahoo website.


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