In a Tamil music video, Kerala’s first married trans couple plays lovers

A man in a yellow floral shirt runs across a gorgeous spot in Kerala, towards the sea, accompanied by the pleasant melody of a mouth organ. Before the man catches up with her, a woman in a flowing blue dress is seen touching the leaves. As if on cue, a romantic song in Tamil, ‘En Kannukulle Nee Thaane,’ begins (it is you inside my eyes). Surya Ishaan and Ishaan K Shaan, Kerala’s first married trans couple, act as a pair in the music video created by DMD Miracles.

“Our close acquaintance is the person who uses DMD as a pen name. They wrote the song’s lyrics and posted them on their YouTube page. Everyone involved in the music video is a well-known musician, whether it’s the vocalists (Saindhavi GV Prakash and CC Prasanna) or the composer (Ravi Vijayanand). The song conveys the idea that the trans community is well-equipped to collaborate alongside mainstream artists “Surya explains.

Manoop Chandran directed and cinematographed the video, which was shot in gorgeous locales in Kerala. Surya claims that there is a touch of Wayanad and a touch of Thrissur. The song’s creators delegated the creation of the video to a team in Kerala.

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