Ways to use neem to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff , other than scalp it affects  your face and body and cause severe damage. Neem is a very good solution for dandruff, some properties in neem leaves are used to treat multiple skin and hair issues. It has blood-purifying and anti-microbial elements. Here we have ways  to use neem to get rid of dandruff and get beautiful, shiny hair.

Chew the Neem leaves

Chew the neem leaves every morning. To make it taste better mix the leaves with honey. Soon you will start seeing the benefits, the process feels much easier and rewarding.

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Neem and curd

Applying neem and curd is best way to treat dandruff .It will also softens and strengthening your hair cuticles.  Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. The anti-fungal properties of neem and cool effect of curd cures dandruff.

Neem as a hair conditioner

Take a few neem leaves and boil let it cool down. After shampooing your hair, rinse the hair with this mixture of neem and see the miracle.

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