As resistance troops battle back, the Taliban cuts off internet access in Panjshir Valley

According to media reports on Sunday, the Taliban has shut down the internet in Panjshir valley, as the resistance force appears to be putting up a tough fight after inflicting high fatalities on the Taliban in the most recent round of combat between the two forces.

The action was allegedly taken to prevent former Vice President Amrullah Saleh from tweeting his comments.

The resistance force announced on Sunday in a tweet that the Roshan and Etisalat networks, which the commanders utilize for communication, were also down.

Panjshir is the only province in Afghanistan that has not yet succumbed to the Taliban. The resistance organization in Panjshir province, led by self-styled resistance leader Amrullah Saleh, is also furiously fighting back, forcing the Sunni Pashtun Taliban outfit to retreat. According to a Hindustan Times story, the counter-attack is the result of the Taliban violating a truce in Panjshir.

For the uninitiated, Saleh declared himself the country’s rightful caretaker president after former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on August 15.

Following the devastating terrorist attack at Kabul Airport, in which more than 180 Afghans were killed, Afghanistan’s former vice-president Saleh tweeted, “The world must not submit to terrorism.” Let us not allow Kabul airport to be the scene of human humiliation and the establishment of a “rules-based international order.” Let us have faith in our united effort and energy. The defeatist mindset puts you at more risk than terrorists. Don’t perish psychologically.”

Saleh had also chastised the Taliban for washing their hands of the massacre, claiming that they had learned to hide their ties with ISIS from their master Pakistan.


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