Do you have a partner who is clingy? Here’s how to handle it

Isn’t it lovely to have a lover that lavishes you with affection? Yes, but not when he or she becomes clinging. Some people get overly clinging in relationships, which may not always work out for the best. A clingy individual will most likely not stop calling, messaging, and having doubts when you are apart.

Do any of the aforementioned events ring a bell? If you answered yes, it’s time to talk to your partner about how you’re feeling. Their reasoning for checking in on you may make them feel safer, but it will not make things easier for you. You never know, but talking about it may help your significant other realize how you feel and why they should modify their habits. If it doesn’t work out, it was most likely never meant to be. After all, relationships are all about getting to know one another.

With that in mind, here’s how to deal with a clingy partner without being impolite.

1- First and foremost, be honest about your feelings for your relationship. Keeping them hidden will only make matters worse. You’ll lose interest as a result of your pent-up emotions, and everything your bae does will irritate you. So, be truthful in order to move on in the proper direction.

2- Encourage your partner to pick up an old activity or meet up with friends to shift their attention away from this connection.

3- You can politely request some space in the relationship. And, when you do have the guts to speak with your partner, don’t hold back.

4- Are you wondering how to convey your emotions now? If you don’t want to hurt your partner, don’t go the ‘direct’ route. Try to be more passive and say something like, “I appreciate everything you do for me, but I also need some’me’ time.”

5- Avoid using phrases like “clingy,” “needy,” or anything else that could offend your companion. Any of these words will simply come across as impolite and make you appear uncaring.

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