The Taj Mahal refused entry to a visitor dressed as Sri Krishna

Agra: Security personnel at the Taj Mahal, a 17th century love monument, denied entry to a visitor dressed in full regal splendour as Lord Sri Krishna to celebrate Janmashtami fervour. On Saturday, the incident occurred.

Even as security shooed him away, a large crowd applauded and admired the character after he played the flute.

According to ASI officials, it is normal to refuse entry to people carrying flags, banners, or posters, or attempting to self-promote.

Meanwhile, the Taj Mahal saw approximately 20,000 visitors, the highest number since the pandemic’s second wave.

A large number of people have travelled to Mathura and Vrindavan for the Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations on Monday, taking advantage of the long weekend.

“We expect a large number of visitors to the Taj Mahal on Sunday if the weather is nice,” tourist guide Ved Gautam said.

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