How to look young in your 30s

Staying fit and healthy is always important even in your 30s . As you age gradually, you need to maintain a balanced diet and proper lifestyle. Nutrition benefits a lot.

Watch on your diet

Prepare  list of your food diet as per  your height and weight. Reduce  fish and meat intake and increase the quantity of vegetables and pulses. Strictly follow your diet .

Timing of your food

Eat at the right time. Reduce the quantity and have your food at regular interval. Don’t starve or eat less.

Food items rich in vitamin B12

Proper sleep 

Get at least  7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep as it helps to relax you within, giving you a healthy body.


Yoga or light exercise, and that will you help to follow a healthy lifestyle and fit body.  You can also engage intense workout routines

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