Instagram is requesting users’ birth dates in order to implement kid safety precautions

San Francisco: Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is requesting users’ birth dates in order to make the platform safer for its younger population.

According to the corporation, it will enable them to develop new safety measures for young people and will aid in ensuring that the company is offering the appropriate experiences to the appropriate age range.

We have made it clear that we want to do more to make young people’s experiences safer and more private. To do so, we need to know how old everyone on Instagram is, so we’ve begun asking individuals to disclose their birthday with us if they haven’t already,” Pavni Diwanji, VP of Youth Products, wrote in a blog post.

This information also enables the platform to personalize user experience; for example, they can apply recent modifications to limit advertiser targeting possibilities for audiences under the age of 18, to a larger number of users.

“This project started a few years ago when we began asking people for their birthdays. While we have birthdays for the majority of users on Instagram, we are implementing two additional changes to provide a more complete picture. These modifications only apply to persons who have not previously shared their birthday “According to the firm.

“When you open Instagram for the first time, we will begin to ask you for your birthday. We will notify you a few times, and if you have not provided us with your birthday by a certain point, you will be required to share it in order to continue using Instagram. This information is required for new features we are developing to protect children “it was added

“Second,” the firm says, “if you notice warning screens on posts, we’ll ask you for your birthday before you can access the post.”

The corporation is also working on new methods to detect if a user has provided an accurate or erroneous birth date.

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