Goin to be a bride? Here are some tips from Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma was looking drop dead gorgeous as a bride. She wore a simple pink lehenga and  minimal makeup to highlight her features. Her clear skin that shined made her stand out. If you want to look beautiful like her on your bi day, follow these tips.

Minimal makeup

No-makeup look has now become a trend. Adopt subtle cheekbone highlighter, pastel eyeshadow, and a pop of light pink  or red on lips.

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 Black eyeliner

A bride should not forget to apply a good eyeliner. Use a black one , go subtle with it, don’t apt  for a heavy kohl look.


Detox your body and have enough water before your special day so that you can et that natural glow all the time.


All the brides out there do not forget to get a good nights beauty sleep. The early you sleep, the fresh you will look.

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