Local authorities in Kozhikode are preparing to combat the spread of the Nipah virus

Kozhikode: Following the death of a 12-year-old boy from nearby Mavoor from Nipah in the early hours of Sunday, local authorities have stepped up efforts to prevent the spread of the dreaded virus in Kozhikode and surrounding areas.

According to sources, Pazhoor (ward 9) of Chathamangalam panchayat has been fully closed, and nearby wards of Nayarkuzhy, Koolimad, and Puthiyadam have been partially closed, with police deployed to restrict vehicles and people moving in and out of these areas.

The health authorities have issued a warning to residents in the area to report any cases of fever, vomiting, or other health problems as soon as possible.

Malappuram and Kannur health authorities have also been notified to keep a close eye on the situation.

According to locals, police arrived around 4 a.m. and closed all pocket roads leading to the child’s house.

They also stated that the roads there are now deserted, and that police have informed them that the main road in Pulpara and Kulimadu will be closed soon.

According to Kozhikode Medical College hospital sources, they have since opened an exclusive Nipah ward to cater to any potential outbreak of the virus.

It stated that further plans would be decided following a proposed meeting with ministers and health experts.

According to sources, the hospital where the boy has been receiving treatment since September 1 is on high alert, and the situation there is being closely monitored.

The staff at the local hospital in Omaserry, near Mavoor, where the child was first seen after developing a severe fever late in August, has also been notified.

The authorities have declared a health emergency in the area and have cordoned off about three kilometers around the deceased child’s home.

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