Nipah reappears, and the central team rushes to Kerala.

Kozhikode: The Central Government has dispatched a National Centre for Disease Control team to the state, which will arrive on Sunday. The team will provide the state with technical assistance.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Sunday that a 12-year-old boy died at a hospital here after contracting the Nipah virus.

The infection was confirmed by the Pune NIV on Saturday night, according to the minister.

George stated that none of the boy’s close contacts are currently exhibiting any symptoms, and that the health department has already identified the child’s contacts.

“There is nothing to be concerned about. The situation is being closely monitored by the health department. Special officers have been assigned to specific missions, and special teams have been formed. The patient was taken to a private hospital first, then to a medical college, and then back to a private hospital.

As a result, we have tracked down all of his contacts. “The health department had completed the identification and tracing of all these contacts, including the friends he played with in his neighbourhood, his cousins, and others,” George said.

The minister also urged the neighbouring districts of Kannur and Malappuram to exercise caution.

According to hospital sources, the boy will be cremated today in accordance with health protocol.

Police have cordoned off a three-kilometer radius around the boy’s home.

Following the reemergence of the virus in Kerala, the Centre has advised some immediate public health measures, including active case search in the family, village, and areas with similar topography, particularly in Malappuram.

According to the ministry, the measures also include active contact tracing for any contacts in the previous 12 days, strict quarantine of contacts and isolation of any suspects, and the collection and transportation of samples for lab testing.


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