Symptoms that your crush is stalking you on WhatsApp

Most of us have gone through the phase of wanting to learn more about someone we like or find interesting. We look them up on the internet, follow them on social media, and look at their likes, pictures, and so on. But how will you know if your crush is following you? Here are a few indicators that your crush is stalking you on Whatsapp.


This happens all the time! When you want to text someone or find a way to talk to someone you like, you write and delete and sit on it until you come up with the right words. The same thing happens to them. If you suspect he or she has a crush on you, scroll down the window in the evening or at a random time. You might catch a glimpse of the word typing… and then nothing!

You change your picture and the person texts

This is a very clear indication. When you change your app’s display picture, the person who has a crush on you may immediately text you and rave about it or simply inquire about it. They notice or point out minor details that you may have overlooked.

Meaning of your status

You adore a song, a word, or your current state of mind. Your constantly changing status says it all. It may be nothing profound, but the person who has a crush on you will undoubtedly comment on it and inquire as to its significance.

WhatsApp missed calls

Since we began working from home, WhatsApp call has become extremely important. However, some people will simply try to call you and then hang up. When confronted, they claim it was “by accident.” If this happens frequently and unexpectedly, it simply means that the person was stalking you and was looking through your window.

Blue ticks

The ticks turn blue when you text them, and they respond. This is an obvious indication that he or she has a crush on you.

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