Twenty more Nipah tests have come back negative, according to Kerala’s Health Minister.

Kozhikode: Thirty people who had close contact with the 12-year-old child who died from Nipah have tested negative for the virus infection, Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters here, the minister stated that with the negative test results of 20 more people reported this morning, the total number of people in the clear is 30. On Tuesday, ten people tested negative. Samples from 21 other people have been sent in for testing, and the results are awaited. The minister went on to say that 68 people were currently being monitored and that their health was stable. A team from the National Institute of Virology in Bhopal will be visiting to collect samples of bats and other animals in order to determine the source of the virus. She added that intensive tracing, surveillance, and awareness campaigns were being carried out to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

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