Ways to End a Relationship GRACEFULLY and Politely

Your relationship’s honeymoon period is over. You no longer marvel at their eccentricities and, in fact, are constantly irritated by them. You feel like they don’t understand you like they used to, and you think it’s time to break up with them.

The only problem is that you’re not sure how to do it without breaking their heart. Breaking up with someone is difficult, and it can be messy and complicated. They might not get the hint at first, and you may have to tell them explicitly that you are no longer interested in dating them. You can do this politely and kindly, believe it or not. Try these 5 gentle and graceful ways to break up with someone.

1. Perform it in private.
You don’t want them to throw a glass of water in your face or scream their lungs out in a restaurant. So, choose a private setting with just the two of you to break the news to them.

2. Be open and honest
Don’t go into too much detail, and be direct. Bring it straight to them and don’t sugarcoat it or give them false hope. The less time you spend, the easier it will be for both you and them.

3. Describe yourself
You do owe them an explanation for your breakup. Don’t leave them in the dark about what went wrong. Tell them why you felt compelled to take this step and how you tried to make it work but it just didn’t work.

4. Be prepared to listen

They will be devastated, and they will cry. Prepare to listen to them and not just make your point and then turn a blind eye. Consider what they require and what they are saying to you, and react and respond accordingly to calm them down.

5. Perform it in person

Breaking up with someone via text, phone, or even email is extremely impolite! If you respect them, you should have the courage to do it in person. It’s unpleasant and stressful, but it’s the least you can do to demonstrate your concern.

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