Telltale Signs They Like Talking to You

So you’ve been talking for a while now, and you can’t stop gushing over their messages! But you’re not sure if they’re feeling the same way about you. People can be quite secretive and shy about their emotions, making it increasingly difficult to learn about what’s going on in their heads.


So, if you’ve been crushing on someone after talking to them via text or phone and want to know what’s on their mind, look out for these four telltale signs to see if they enjoy talking to you as much as you do to them.

1. They are always the ones who start the conversation.

When someone is truly interested in talking to you, they will always initiate a conversation and will make an effort to message you on a daily basis. You won’t have to worry about them ignoring your messages or ghosting you.

2. They send you lengthy paragraphs.

If they enjoy talking to you, they will send you long paragraphs and will never respond half-heartedly, no matter how busy they are. So, the next time you talk to them, keep track of the length of their responses to find out what’s on their mind!

3. They respond quickly.

It is commonly stated that no matter how busy they are, they will always have time to text their special someone. So, if you are important to them, they will make an effort to take time out of their busy schedule to respond to you promptly.

4. They make an effort to move the discussion forward.

Whenever they feel the conversation is coming to a halt, they introduce a new topic to keep it going. If they do this frequently, you can be certain that they enjoy talking to you.

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