Seven months after going’missing,’ a woman from Uttar Pradesh reappears in Delhi as a police officer!

Dankaur: A woman who ‘disappeared’ from a nearby village of Delhi nearly seven months ago has reappeared and as a police officer! In a plot reminiscent of a movie, the girl’s family filed a complaint at Dankaur police station alleging that a young man had lured their daughter away. She has also stated that she will only return home as a “ghar daroga.”

The woman, an MA student, was reported missing in January. Her family claimed that a young man from Greater Noida had seduced and kidnapped their daughter, and they filed a complaint against him. However, there appears to have been a different twist to the story.

While the police were looking for the girl, she returned on her own on Sunday (September 12). The girl was alone, and she told the truth about why she ran away. The girl’s family appears to have been hell-bent on getting her married, whereas the girl herself had no such plans – all she wanted to do was build a career for herself. Despite her reluctance, her family was adamant about marriage and had even arranged marriage with a man of their choice, according to Hindustan. This could have been the final nail in the coffin for the girl who fled.

She traveled to the capital and, according to reports, stayed with an acquaintance in Delhi while preparing for the Delhi Police Constable Recruitment Examination. She passed the exam with flying colors and is now working as a Delhi Police constable. The woman has also reportedly stated that if she achieves her goal, she is willing to marry according to her family’s wishes. After informing the officers at the Dankaur police station, the woman left and returned to work. Dankaur Police have stated that they will investigate the case, but have also stated that the woman is an adult, implying that she can make her own decisions.

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