COVID-19 peak in Kerala may be over; new cases will likely drop in the next two weeks: Professor at AIIMS

Kerala has passed its COVID-19 peak, and a decline in new cases should begin in the state within the next two weeks, according to AIIMS professor Dr. Sanjay Rai. Earlier serosurveys in Kerala suggested that the majority of the population was susceptible, but the most recent serosurvey found that 46% of the population had antibodies as a result of vaccination or infection. The state’s measures only serve to slow the spread. According to data from the virus’s spread over the last 2-3 months, Kerala has reached its peak, and a drop in cases should begin within the next two weeks. According to the epidemiological picture, Kerala, like the North-East, should see a drop in COVID cases by the beginning of October,” Rai said, according to ANI.

Rai went on to say that AIIMS will soon begin Phase 2/3 trials of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech’s nasal vaccine and that an application has been submitted to the Ethics Committee to obtain the necessary permission.

“It is too early to say, but we believe that the future of Nasal Vaccine is promising because it can provide mucosal immunity, which allows for infection prevention.” The majority of vaccines do not prevent infection; they only reduce its severity,” Rai explained.

“The nasal vaccine has gone through ethical approval, and once that is granted, we will begin the trial,” said Dr Rai, who is also the principal investigator for Bharat Biotech’s nasal vaccine clinical trial.

The adenoviral intranasal vaccine BBV154 is the first COVID-19 vaccine of its kind to be tested in humans in India.

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