Afghanistan will soon have a “regular, disciplined, and strong army,” according to Taliban army chief Qari Fasihuddin

New Delhi: While taking over as Afghanistan’s new army chief, senior Taliban leader Qari Fasihuddin stated that the country will soon have its own “regular and disciplined” army. Qari Fasihuddin revealed at a press conference on Wednesday (September 15, 2021) in Kabul that talks are underway to form a “regular, disciplined, and strong army” in the country in the near future.

According to an India Today report, the Taliban leader also stated that their soldiers will be trained to defend Afghanistan’s borders. Furthermore, in a tweet, Taliban spokesman Ahmadullah Muttaqi confirmed that Afghanistan will “soon have a well-organized army and force.”

“We will not let a civil war erupt. Those disturbing security and stability will be trampled and those opposing the Taliban will be arrested,” Taliban army chief Qari Fasihuddin was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Taliban co-founder and acting Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar denied being injured in a clash at Kabul’s presidential palace on Wednesday (September 15). According to CNN, Baradar refuted rumours that he had been injured or even killed in a dispute last week at the presidential palace in Kabul in an interview with Afghan national TV that was posted on Twitter by the Taliban’s political office in Doha.

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