Suresh Gopi responds to the salute row by saying, “Either follow the rules or stop saluting”

Kottayam: In response to the controversy surrounding the request for a police officer to salute, actor turned MP Suresh Gopi stated that the custom of saluting should be abolished and officers should not be required to salute anyone.

“This custom’s political inequality is unacceptable to me. India has a specific system that must be followed “Suresh Gopi spoke to the media after meeting with Pala Bishop at Bishop House here.

“Who made the salute issue a point of contention? Is there anything you want to say about that cop? “The MP inquired.

When the media reported that the Police Association had filed a complaint, Suresh Gopi responded that this was not part of a democratic system and that the public should not bear the burden of any association.

Suresh Gopi then inquired as to who said an officer was not required to salute. The police force is based in Kerala, and they must adhere to Indian laws. The DGP is the authority who issues salute instructions. If they continue to believe that they are not required to salute, he advises them to file a complaint with the Rajya Sabha chairman.

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