Symptoms of a Depressed Friend

People are becoming more aware of depression, but they still do not recognize the symptoms, let alone be able to deal with it. Many people have died as a result of depression because even the most educated people do not seek treatment, even if they can afford it. Begin by asking your friends if anyone is depressed. Here are six indicators that will help you determine their mental health status.

1. Now being cranky could be due to a lot of reasons but if your friend is otherwise a happy soul then it could be one of the signs.

2. Not the just-woke-up puffiness. When he or she has been crying a lot, their eyes puff up. Even if it has just been once or twice, do not take it for granted. Do ask your friend if or she is fine or not or if they want to talk about something. From the person’s reaction, you may get to know if or she has been hiding something and needs help.

3.This has been medically also pointed out. If in your conversation you get to know that your friend does not feel like getting physical with his or her partner anymore and that it has been a while, it is a huge sign. You can obviously determine this only if you are close enough to have these conversations, but if you do, note the words.

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