The birth certificate of TMC MP Nusrat Jahan’s baby goes viral, naming Yash Dasgupta as the father!


Nusrat Jahan, a TMC MP and former Bengali actress has made headlines yet again. The latest rumour puts an end to all speculation about her child’s father.

A picture of a birth certificate has gone viral, naming Debashish Dasgupta as the baby’s father. Few people are aware that Yash Dasgupta’s real name is Debashish.

According to a report on, Yash is listed as the father, and Nusrat is listed as the mother on Yishaan J Dasgupta’s alleged birth certificate. The birth date of a newborn baby named Yishaan is August 26.

She also made a new Instagram post a few days ago, crediting the image to ‘daddy,’ but she did not reveal who the father is.

Nusrat Jahan announced her divorce from husband Nikhil Jain in June and issued an official statement at the time. “Our separation happened a long time ago, but I did not speak about it because I wanted to keep my private life to myself,” the actress-turned-politician explained.

TMC MP Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain, who married in June 2019 in Turkey, made headlines a few months ago due to marital discord and cheating allegations against the former.

Meanwhile, following allegations levelled against Nikhil Jain and his family, he revealed some crucial details about his relationship with Nusrat. He had made some significant revelations in an official statement about the ongoing marital discord.

On June 19, 2019, Nusrat Jahan married her businessman beau Nikhil Jain in the picturesque Turkish town of Bodrum. The wedding ceremony was performed in accordance with the Turkish Marriage Regulation.

In the midst of these rumours, Nusrat Jahan’s friendship with BJP actor-turned-politician Yash Dasgupta gained traction. In 2020, Yash and Nusrat co-starred in the Bengali film ‘SOS Kolkata.’

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