4 Body Language Indications He’s Secretly Attracted to You

So you’ve been friends for a long time, and you’ve noticed a sudden change in his behavior toward you. You suspect that this shift is due to his secret attraction to you, but you are unsure. Trying to read a man’s mind can be difficult and frustrating! You may have difficulty determining his intentions and feelings.


Furthermore, if the guy is shy, he can be a difficult puzzle to solve. So, to put an end to your confusion and frustration, we’ve compiled a list of four body language indicators that you should be on the lookout for if he’s secretly attracted to you.

He makes direct eye contact with you.


If a guy maintains prolonged eye contact with you, it is a dead giveaway that he is secretly attracted to you. He tries to draw your attention to himself because he wants you to look at him and pay attention to him. It’s a shy guy’s way of telling you he likes you.


He flushes when he’s near you.


Guys aren’t known for blushing easily. They are usually too preoccupied with appearing macho and manly. So if a guy blushes around you and gets nervous, it’s because he’s attracted to you and feels self-conscious in front of you.

When you hang out with other guys, he becomes tight.


When you talk to other guys, he tightens up and becomes uncomfortable. He becomes envious and dislikes the fact that you are paying attention to other men. Only when a guy has feelings for you and is secretly attracted to you will he do something like this.


When you’re around, he’s always fixing his hair.


Guys, like girls, are self-conscious about their appearance. When they like a girl and want to impress her, they will go out of their way to look their best. So, if a guy fixes his hair around you, it’s a sure sign that he likes you and wants to appear as attractive as possible.

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