Best foods to prevent hair fall

Hair fall is a health and beauty problem which kills our sleep. Do you think you need expensive medicines, vitamins, or creams to prevent hair loss ? No! these four follicle-boosting nutrients: iron, zinc, lysine, and dietary antioxidants will stop and reverse hair loss. Eat these food items to prevent hair fall.


Oysters  are filled with  zinc, up to 71 mg per 85-gram (three-ounce) serving—which has been proven to promote hair growth.

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Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain iron and zinc so add these diets can snack on pumpkin seeds, which contain around 4.2 mg of iron and 2.9 mg of zinc per 28-gram (one-ounce) serving.


This exotic edible fruit with antioxidants has been linked to hair loss, and because antioxidants prevent this type of stress these compounds strengthen  your hair on your head.



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