6 facts about having sex with a Sagittarius

This zodiac is well known for being a kid at heart, which supports their desire to have fun in bed. Here’s a rundown of what Sagittarius men and women prefer in terms of sex.

According to astrologer Sidhharrth S Kumaar, “the adventurous sign is equally driven in bed and wants to explore as much as they can in their intimate relationships.” They are not afraid to try new things and enjoy engaging activities with their partners.”


No, not in a humorous way. These people laugh a lot because they enjoy playing games and teasing, as well as wrestling, which eventually leads to sex. How do these activities arouse them? This is significant because they become easily bored if the situation becomes monotonous. There must be some sort of adventure in store for them.

No bondage

If you’re looking for BDSM, Sagittarians aren’t the people for you. They avoid sex in which they are bound or restrained. So don’t even consider it. Even if you suggest it, it will frighten them.

You can’t be coy

They expect you to be as direct with your sexual needs as they are with theirs. This zodiac sign isn’t interested in coy people in bed. They simply outgrow their patience.

Oral sex

Not all Sagittarians are good at giving oral pleasure, but many are. They are slow and steady, so don’t rush them.

Favorite position

Sagis love doggy style and sometimes a cowgirl is what the woman under this zodiac sign loves.


They want it everyday when in the dating phase but once in a relationship, they do tend to become lazy.

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