What abuse in relationships look like

In a relationship, mental, emotional, and physical abuse can completely destroy a person’s soul. Abuse, in general, can be heartbreaking because the victim loses control and becomes a puppet in the hands of their abuser. Unfortunately, abuse can occur in relationships, and the abuser maybe your partner. Here are some tips to identify abuse in a relationship so you can take action before things get worse.

Over protectiveness

Being protective of your partner is perfectly acceptable, but crossing the line is a no-no. You may notice that your partner keeps track of what you do throughout the day and attempts to prevent you from making independent decisions. They will try to persuade you that they are merely attempting to protect you from bad decisions and evil people in the name of love.

Socially isolated

Being an introvert and being socially isolated is not the same thing. If your partner refuses to socialize with others and prevents you from doing so, chances are they belong to the latter group. A socially isolated person will make no effort to communicate with others and will prefer to keep to themselves.

Restrict resources

Restricting your friends’ access to your phone, changing your social media passwords, and so on are all signs that your partner doesn’t trust you and wants complete control over your life. This is an almost unrecognizable form of emotional abuse. Your partner should never try to control your activities.

Physical abuse

Physically harming you or punishing you is a major red flag that your partner is an abuser. If they inflict anger or pain on you while angry, it’s a clear indication that you should take immediate safety precautions.

Acting as if everything is normal

If your partner calms down and acts as if nothing happened after such drastic measures, you should reconsider your decision to stay in the relationship. You may also notice that their love for you has grown in the interim, even if they haven’t apologised.

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