Things women unconsciously do that men find sexy

Being sexy is highly subjective; it varies from person to person. It is determined by a variety of factors, including how you behave, act, your habits, and your personality, in addition to what you are wearing. Even in an oversized sweater or an old pajama set, you can sometimes appeal to a man! So, without being provocative, here are a few things women do unconsciously that men find very sexy.

Laughing at his jokes

Even if it’s a stupid joke, men find it very sexy when you laugh without thinking about it. As a result, you’ll notice that they keep cracking inane jokes and staring at you (for your reaction).

Exposing their maternal instincts

It’s strange and should be alarming to men in general, but they find it sexy! If a woman becomes playful with a child at any time and in any place, it attracts men. Regardless of how evasive they are. Oh, and they’ll never admit that they thought it was cute!


Some workouts and exercises require more willpower, power, and strength. Not all women are capable of pulling them off. Men are turned on if they can do this while still looking feminine! The use of a kettlebell swing is one such workout. Next time you go to the gym, give it a shot.

That head tilt

We think it’s cute when dogs and puppies do it, but when women do it, tilt their heads, and gaze innocently, men go insane in their heads.


Not with a deep meaning, but lingering can be very sexy for men. Order a cup of coffee, a drink, whiskey, or whatever you want, and sip it slowly. This somehow turns them on.

Leading the way

If you are on a trip and going on a hike together, what makes you seem sexy to them is when you lead the way on that trail.

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