10-yr-old boy falls to death through exit door of train on way to toilet

Kottayam: On his way to the toilet, a 10-year-old boy fell out of the train’s exit door. The deceased was identified as Muhammad Ishan from Pullipadam in Mampad, Malappuram district, and the incident occurred on Monday aboard the Kochuveli-Nilambur Rajya Rani Express.

The class 5 student from Mampad MMUPS school was travelling with his family. They were returning from Thiruvananthapuram, where they had visited Ishan’s aunt, who had recently married. The incident turned the family’s cherishing and memorable moments upside down.

Ishan’s parents did not accompany him because his mother is pregnant. According to Ishan’s grandfather Alavikutti, the boy informed family members that he needed to use the restroom. It was 12 a.m., and Ishan’s aunt was accompanying Alavikutti as he slept. The boy walked a short distance before losing his balance and falling from the train’s ajar exit door. Even though his aunt rushed up to him and grabbed his hand, she was unable to hold him tightly. Alavikutti claimed that if he had accompanied the boy, he could have saved him by containing the boy’s emotional breakdown.

Someone had pulled the chain and stopped the train by the time Alavikutti arrived at the door. The passengers got off the bogie and went in search of the boy. The residents of the area also offered assistance. Despite being rushed to a hospital, the boy died as a result of injuries to his spinal cord and head. After the autopsy, the body was returned to his hometown.

Family members are still bereaved and unable to move on from the tragedy. Siddique and Jasna’s son is Ishan.

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