Based on the shape of your foot, your personality is revealed

It’s not just how we speak or present ourselves that reveals a lot about our personalities. Our physical appearance, which includes the shape of our hand, forehead, eyes, lips, and feet, can reveal a lot about our personality. So here is a list that will give you an idea of what your foot shape says about you as a person.

Roman feet

This is the most common foot shape. The graph dips after your first three toes are in a straight line. This foot type is associated with a well-balanced body. They are intellectuals who are eager to learn new things. Such feet are common among travelers. The only disadvantage is that these people are known to be arrogant and overconfident.

Square feet

Peasant’s feet are defined as having all of your toes in a straight line. People with these feet are extremely analytical. They enjoy investigating all aspects of anything and everything. These people are confident in themselves and make well-considered decisions.

Egyptian feet

You have Greek-shaped feet if your second toe is longer than the rest of your toes. You are athletic, creative, and extremely active. You also enjoy inspiring others. The disadvantage with them is that they are prone to stress.

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