5 Signs he is fighting his feelings for you

Guys, on the whole, aren’t very good at telling you what’s on their minds. If they like you, for example, they may not tell you openly and may try to conceal their feelings for you. Consider these 5 indicators to determine whether a guy is hiding his feelings for you.

He is jealous

Because he hasn’t been very vocal about his feelings, he may feel uneasy when you’re with other guys. This is because he is afraid that another guy will approach you and outwit him!

He looks at you in a certain way

No, we’re not referring to the “come hither” expression! He looks at you softly and subtly, with love in his eyes. But as soon as you catch him staring, he looks away.

He listens to you

If he remembers every detail you told him and is eager to learn more about you, it is a dead giveaway that he has feelings for you.

He sometimes avoids you

When he is struggling with his feelings for you, he will suddenly make extra efforts to avoid you. This is because he is afraid of his strong feelings for you and wishes to keep his distance in order to get rid of them.

He is protective

When you’re with him, he’s constantly defending and protecting you in subtle but noticeable ways. While he may tease you about a variety of topics, he cannot stand it when others do the same to you.

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