5 TELLTALE signs he is sorry for hurting you and feels guilty

He is depressed and sad, and he longs for your return. While he may not openly admit it, there are many ways to tell if he wants you back in his life, such as the way he talks to you or how frequently he checks in on you. Aside from these, here are some additional indicators to look for to determine if he regrets the breakup.

He is honest

It is commonly assumed that men are not overly expressive or direct in their feelings and emotions. But if he is completely honest with you this time and tells you exactly where he went wrong and how he feels about it, it is a sign of his guilt and remorse.

He apologises

If he feels bad about letting you go and regrets his decision, he will apologise to you. It’s his way of apologising and persuading you to give him and the relationship another chance.

He is willing to change

Remember what used to irritate you when you were in a relationship with him? Now, if he is willing to change his habits for you, it is a sure sign that he is feeling guilty and unhappy after breaking up with you.

He goes out of his way to talk to you

If he feels bad about breaking up with you, he will try to contact you more frequently. Whether it’s by sending you a meme every day or calling you to check in and see how you’re doing.

He becomes quiet

It’s possible that he’s feeling too guilty or remorseful and can’t find the right words to make amends to you. If he becomes suddenly quiet, it is likely that he is reflecting on his actions and is filled with regret and guilt.

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